How Lockdown Helped Me to Rediscover my Passion for Teaching

Being a teacher is a lot more than just delivering knowledge on a certain subject. If you happen to work in education for a long time you might experience overwhelming depression or even a burn out. It is quite a natural process when year after year you have to go through the same set of topics to cover. And now the lockdown of 2020 has confined us within rigid boundaries that might have added extra pressure on many professionals including teachers.

Here’s what you can do to become productive working from home

The 21st century seems to have become an age of challenging norms. All sorts of norms… Just look at how our idea of ‘working environment’ has changed over the last five to ten years. A lot of people prefer a freelance career to an office one. Moreover, year 2020 has proved that …

International Couples Likely to Set New Record for Physical Separation and Time Apart

It is already October, which means that we have spent the major part of 2020 locked in our hometowns counting the days till the Covid Story is over and waiting to get back to normal or new normal lives. While most news reports have been focusing on the pandemic’s influence on the economy, mental health and other social issues, not too many words have been spoken or written regarding how this separation has affected the lives of international couples who have been unable to meet their better halves for over 7 months.

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