Swapping Smartphone Scrolling for Fulfilling Chats with Your Special One

I’ve seen so many times when a couple is having a meal out both don’t converse to one another but just stare at their phones. All these times I’ve wondered whether it is the more advanced way of interacting. I’ve also wondered what the reasons might be preventing people from enjoying a real fulfilling conversation. What if we are halfway to going out with a phone but not a real person?

Why You Should Visit Hong Kong Once the Pandemic Is Over

It has been a while since we were able to grab our international passports, pack our bags and catch a flight to a dream destination. If I had a chance to do it now, I would opt for Hong Kong. I should say that I have been there 10 times… Wow! So, I am going to give my reasons for adoring that city.

How putting down your phone can change your routine and more…

One can hardly imagine a life without a phone. In the modern world, this gadget does more than just connect people. We reach out for our cells any time when we need to search for something online, listen to music or podcast while commuting, read a book or magazine at the time of queuing up somewhere, and much more.

No Electricity or Internet… How to Survive…

Modern people take such things as electricity for granted. Once we find ourselves in a situation when it is cut off for any reason, we are a bit confused as to how to organize our lives. We automatically try to reach for our phones as this is exactly what we do if we need to find something or get somewhere…. and Oppps, no electricity means no access to the Internet.

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