How to Safely and Affectively Live Through Another Lockdown

Little by little, we are turning the pages of the fourth month of 2021 with the hope of dusting our international passports. Unfortunately, the reality is not as optimistic as we all hoped it to be. In addition to that, we seasonally suffer from a lack of vitamins that are naturally scarce in the cold winter. What used to help us live through the winter was planning for the summer vacation, including trips abroad. So, what can help us boost our mood?

Regular Walks

Days are becoming longer and the weather warmer. This natural fact leaves us without much choice… just spend more time outside. Taking regular walks helps reduce stress and tiredness, improves heart rhythm, blood circulation… reduces blood pressure, you name it. Moreover, it also burns some calories and prepares you for summertime. It has scientifically been proved that a 30-minute walk makes the part of the brain that is responsible for negative feelings less active… So shall we go for a walk?

Consuming More Fruits

Especially opt for citrus ones. The list of health benefits is awesome. They are rich in Vitamin C and boost the whole immune system, which is exactly what a person needs after winter time and especially during the time of a pandemic. Another positive effect of citrus fruits is that they improve the nervous system. It is obviously a healthy snack.

Take One Day at a Time

No need to say that it is difficult to make plans in advance. Well, we may not need it right now. Stick to one-week planning, which might help reduce tension and frustration from not meeting the deadlines. On the contrary, go through your wardrobe just to know that you have something to wear in case of a ‘happy (lockdown) ending’… you will be the first in line at the check-in desk.

Talk to the Special Someone

Appreciate every moment you spend with your partner if you are on the same territory. Unfortunately, many international couples are locked in their countries with little hope of traveling in the near future. So, you should talk to each other. When you are happy make a video call. If you don’t like something, say it directly. Don’t let negative feelings fester. Communication is the only way to keep the flame alive. Also keep in mind, that the best comes to those who can wait!

The Full Recipe

Go for a walk regularly, grab an orange, drink your favorite cup of tea or coffee, plug in your earphones and make a video call to your special someone! Enjoy your time together!    

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