Swapping Smartphone Scrolling for Fulfilling Chats with Your Special One

I’ve seen so many times when a couple is having a meal out both don’t converse to one another but just stare at their phones. All these times I’ve wondered whether it is the more advanced way of interacting. I’ve also wondered what the reasons might be preventing people from enjoying a real fulfilling conversation. What if we are halfway to going out with a phone but not a real person?

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a day, some people even an hour, without having our phones in our hands. Some people justify this by saying they are obliged to be reachable for colleagues or clients. At the same time, others tend to demonstrate their presence on social media platforms. Does it mean that conversing with a real person has lost its value among modern people?

If it happens to be true, I wonder if it is possible to bring the art of talking to each other back. So, some ideas have popped up in my mind.

Idea 1 wothout phones

You can hardly find a person who doesn’t watch movies or serials. But the cinema is not a chat-friendly place. Getting together to watch a movie at home might be a solution as you can talk without having someone bother you. Another way to adopt this idea is to watch the same movie separately, and then go out for a meal together to discuss it. This approach can be adjusted to TV shows, documentaries, and books as well. The core aim is to have a common topic to lead a conversation for a long time.

Idea 2 without phones

You can organize a board game night. While you are focusing on building the right strategy and conversing with the game competitor or competitors as you can have a few people to play with, you won’t have time and feel the need of using your phone unless there is an emergency. The point is to be happy yourself and share the feeling of completeness with people around you at that moment.

Idea 3 without phones

Playing a sport or doing some sporting activity together. By saying that I mean outdoor activities mainly or small team activities like badminton or Ping-Pong. Someone can say that it is hard to chat while playing. It can be true, but in each game, some breaks can be utilized for exchanging feelings and thoughts. What is crucial is to find a common ground and get involved in the process.

I do believe the list of ideas can be longer once both parties have understood the value of one another and time that tends to zoom by. Nevertheless, grabbing a cup of coffee and wandering in the park together will also lead to a warm conversation. Enjoy the walk, chat, and your coffee!

This Anti-Dullness Strategy for Fit Сhicks

Most people in the gym have one common trait. They are disciplined, hard workers. What if you cannot always train at the top of your potential, but at the same time you are eager to keep the result you have drudgingly worked for? Keeping a flame of motivation is as crucial as the technique of exercising along with the frequency of working out. Here is what you can do to keep the flame or to heat the sparkle.

All gym lovers know….

All gym lovers know that sticking to one scheme of training for a long time won’t benefit your goal, as muscles of the human body tend to adjust to physical activities. So, it is worth adding some changes to the workout plan regularly. But if you don’t feel energized after the session, it is time to try something completely new. So, if you are a lifter, opt for stretching or step work out. If you are a cardio lover, it is time to try lifting and so on. Taking up something new even for a short time may boost your energy level. As a result, you will get back on track faster.

The other way to shift from “I-don’t-want-to-do-anything” is ….

The other way to shift from “I-don’t-want-to-do-anything” is to incorporate outdoor training. Here the choice is fantastic: cycling, hiking, playing badminton or basketball, you name it. Other benefits to the variety and change could be open-air, vitamin D if it is sunny, and socializing with friends or sports mates.  While hiking you can make stops to enjoy the scenery, take pics, so next time when you feel down, you can look through those pics to get the boost.

Girls are girls!

Girls are girls. We like to wear nice clothes even in the gym. So, if you don’t feel like working out for a long time, just get a nice bright tracksuit and the magic will happen. You will feel full of energy and run to the gym with pleasure. What is more, while exercising we tend to look at the mirrors to control the technique. In the moment of depression just give yourself time to look at yourself wearing a cool tracksuit. And tell yourself that you are great!

A fitness buddy is also a solution…

A fitness buddy is also a solution to tackle the unwillingness to exercise. Having sessions together is also a chance to chat. Many people are not able to find the time to talk and banter with friends. So, you and your friends can kill two birds with one stone, which I think is great!

If you are still heading to the gym all alone…

Well, if you are still heading to the gym all alone, dedicate this time to yourself. If you are on cardio, you can watch your favorite serials as most likely you don’t have much time to do that at home. Or listen to music and go deep into a meditation mood which is relaxing and at the same time fulfilling.

The bottom line

It is totally fine to feel a bit down occasionally. The key point is to have the right attitude to this condition and the strategy for how to tackle it. Remember to enjoy your coffee always!

Are You About to Crash and Burn at the Workplace?

Have you ever felt like you were dragging all the projects on your own? You have just woken up but feel exhausted as if you have been working for months without a break. You make “To-do lists” regularly but hardly work it through till the end. Or you find it hard to stay concentrated even though you have a full schedule. Most likely it is emotional burnout.

Here may come the logical question

Here may come the logical question, why I am feeling this way shifting from vacation into a working mood? The answer is simple there might be something irritating at your workplace. We should agree that if we try to stand something unpleasant for a long time, we are losing too much energy. Ultimately, all aspects of our lives get affected.

If changing a job is out of the question, don’t blame yourself for not having enough courage to take such a drastic step. I bet a person needs a lot more guts to tackle this problem if they were in the place.

Bring yourself in an emotional state of a surgeon

Now, bring yourself in an emotional state of a surgeon standing at the operating table. Take a pen and paper and make a list of everything that annoys you at work, including the boss. Remember to be very critical, but at the same time don’t underestimate things. Otherwise, problem-solving will take a longer time.

Obviously, this list will differ from individual to individual. So, it is almost impossible to propose a size fits all solution. My main point is once the issue has been identified, you are halfway there in solving it.  So, my congratulation on that!

Some points that can be a handful in recharging your energy

Here I would like to talk through some points that can be a handful in recharging your energy. And the first point to reconsider is your commute. If every single day you take the same route that you know like the back of the palm, you are not involved in the process. You make your way to the office automatically.

So, tomorrow take a longer route or a shortcut

So, tomorrow take a longer route or a shortcut, the one that you will be new for your morning or evening commuting. And while traveling to the destination mentally point out things that will bring you joy. If you see an architecturally interesting building, take a picture of it. Notice a flower, stop and smell it. If a stranger is looking at you or smiling, smile back at this person. Who knows that person can be completing a similar mission as yours, so it will be a win-win situation! Even one of these small things will make a difference.

If you have your own desk, reorganize it

If you have your own desk, reorganize it. Add some pictures of happy moments or posters of places from your bucket list. In the digital age, it can look old-fashioned. But hands down, pictures and postcards are so charming and heartwarming. If you don’t feel confident demonstrate the hidden part of your personality to coworkers, add some stickers into your agenda or planner. Any time you need to check your to-do list, your eyes will be hooked on them, and warm positive vibes will reduce the stress level.

Colleagues are just colleagues

Other things to remember are that colleagues are just colleagues. If you haven’t made friends at the workplace that is totally fine. You have come to the office to do your job. Don’t force yourself to have tea or coffee together or go out for lunch if you don’t feel like doing it with those people. Put yourself first in most cases. It is called healthy egoism. You will be surprised but usually, people give more respect to such egoists. What is more interesting is that a healthy egoist can become the soul of a group… of course, if they want to.

The next is the boss.

The next is the boss. Here I would like to share advice that I was given myself long ago. Each person has something beautiful. For instance, eyes, a smile, a voice, or even an accessory. While interacting with a boss or even with toxic people, focus on something beautiful in them. I should say that it is challenging to discover beauty in people we don’t feel sympathy for. But once you have mastered this skill the magic will start. And a tough boss won’t be that tough anymore… especially while having a cup of coffee together. So, enjoy your favorite one!

You can learn new words while immersing in another language

Learning a new language is never easy. It is becoming more challenging when it comes to enlarging your vocabulary. Surprisingly, the higher the level of proficiency the more difficult it becomes to memorize new words. The golden rule is to come across a new word not less than seven times, then it sticks. Here are some practical ideas that will ease your journey.

Stickers with words

If you have just started to pick up a new language you can put stickers on things that surround you… with words on them. Any time you need a mug or a toothbrush you will see the word. And it will be just a matter of a few days for you to pass the golden rule, and these words will become part of your vocabulary. You should also remember to use your new vocabulary in class or while chatting to a foreign friend.

Switch gadgets to a target language

Another handy way to immerse into a language is to switch your phone or any other gadgets to a target language. To put it into perspective, an average person checks their phones about 85 times per day. Surprisingly, we don’t notice that time at all. So, seeing your phone operating in the language you are studying will be beneficial.  At the same time, you fit in those extra hours with the language while on the go and don’t need to fit it into a tight schedule.

Look up a definition dictionary

This tip will be useful if you are already a confident user of the language, and you really want to boost your vocabulary. This type of dictionary is good as it demonstrates the usage of words in a context. The drawback is that you may not find a translation in many of them. Having gone through the examples, try to make up sentences of your own using active vocabulary. It is a good way to reinforce what you have just learned. Keep in mind the golden rule I have mentioned in the introduction.

Using apps

Modern technologies can provide us with all sorts of apps to make our lives easier. It means that there are tons of apps for learning words. For example, FluentU, Memrise, Word Power Lite, and many more. They work the same way as paper cards that we used to make. But apps are incomparably convenient. Moreover, your phone is your loyal companion. So, when you have a minute go through the words you are trying to learn.

The bottom line

Hopefully these small tips will benefit you while on the studying path. It would be great if you have a friend who can chat with you. You may practice together; it is always a lot of fun. Also, to get more tips, check 3 Easy Ways to Sneak in More Foreign Language Speaking Practice into your routine., andCan Listening Regularly Help You Boost Language Proficiency? What and How to Listen. Always enjoy your coffee!

3 Easy Ways to Sneak in More Foreign Language Speaking Practice into your routine.

Speaking a foreign language, you are studying is often among the most difficult skills to develop. It becomes a lot more difficult when a person is also shy by nature and is reluctant to speak up. The fear of making mistakes is just another challenge to overcome.  To boost confidence and at the same time polish your skills several tricks can become your daily routine.

The first thing is shadow reading.

It is a technique that helps improve pronunciation.  But it can be used for speaking practice as well. What you should do is to choose your favorite TV presenter, as they are known to be good orators. Then, try to repeat after that person with a backlog of a few seconds. While doing this exercise stay focused on intonation. Doing shadow reading regularly will make you notice that you have picked up new phrases and at the same time your own speaking would have become more natural and spontaneous.

Secondly, start practicing retelling.

You can take any kind of book or article. Anything that you consider to be a long read. It is important as you will have room for paraphrasing. At the same time, you will have to follow the line of the author.  Sometimes, when we address a question in a foreign language, we might get confused about how to build the answer in a good way. Retelling will develop certain patterns of speaking behavior. And surely with time confusion will be eliminated. To control this activity you can record yourself, listen and analyze what can be improved. Or to make this activity more fun you can find language practicing groups. There are many language exchange groups on the Net.

Thirdly, while you are walking you can describe in the foreign language everything that you see.

If you think that people around consider you to be strange, you can always have this conversation in silence by thinking in the foreign language. How will it benefit you? You will spot those groups of words that are missing in your vocabulary. Also, you will train yourself to select the words quickly and accurately. These are tasks that are usually solved mentally while speaking.

The bottom line.

These easy exercises will make a difference as soon as you convert them into a habit. Keep in mind the rule of 10 thousand hours. So, everyone can become good at something you are aiming for! Enjoy your coffee!

Can Listening Regularly Help You Boost Language Proficiency? What and How to Listen.

We have discussed the importance of reading in Two Important Factors of Reading Authentic Books While Learning a Foreign Language. What and How to Read”. So, in this article, I would like to talk about another receptive skill such as listening. The drawback of this skill is that it takes time to develop. The bright side is that nowadays, there are so many digital tools that practicing will become fun spending.

Why do we need to dedicate time to develope listening skills?

As I have said above it is time-consuming for several reasons. Firstly, it is not a walk on the beach as there are usually many accents even among native speakers. So, to succeed it is necessary to practice regularly. By regularly I mean every day. Remember the rule of ten thousand hours, which will be beneficial in the future. Secondly, a person with well-developed receptive skills in both readings and listening will find it easier to form their thoughts while speaking or writing. In this case, dedicated time can be considered an investment.

What to listen to?

We should appreciate the time we live in as almost every person has access to tons of resources. You can choose an interesting podcast or opt for a video on YouTube. If you are just a beginner there are websites with recordings where the narrator is reading at different speeds according to the proficiency level of the listeners. So, it is not hard to find something really engaging.

How to listen?

There are several ways of how to tackle this task. Again, if you are a beginner, it is better to schedule the time, about 20 minutes to start with. On some resources, you can find recordings along with the script. In the beginning, you may follow the script while listening just to eliminate the stress level. But don’t take too long, otherwise, the progress will slow down.

If you are at a higher level already, you can make listening to a part of your routine. For instance, while organizing your life in the morning you can turn on something from Ted Talks, or play an audiobook or a video from YouTube. In the beginning, you might feel strange as you won’t have noticeable results. The key is to get used to receiving information on a foreign language on the fly. Once you have incorporated such practices into your everyday life, you will soon notice the level of comprehension. The best part is that you won’t need to focus too much on what you are listening to.

One more tip, the more you listen… try to search for speakers with various backgrounds as they will speak with different accents. Which is really awesome as accents demonstrate each person’s identity. But to understand people better, we should be accustomed to different pronunciation types.

The bottom line

Studying a foreign language is never easy and takes time. So, we can decide whether this time will be entertaining and beneficial or boring and demotivating. Enjoy your favorite podcast and coffee!

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