Just a Bunch of Tips to Ease the Lives of Inexperienced Teachers

Being young professionals might be as good as going back into high school again. The pressure might feel double if you are new to the education field. Remembering myself in the role of an inexperienced teacher, I have gathered together some tips that can help you survive your first career year.

Actually 4 Useful Tips That Will Turn You Into Teaching English Online Guru

Nowadays almost everyone has gone digital one way or another. Teaching English online might be challenging initially, still practicing and adopting all sorts of digital tools will help you to turn from a sufferer into a guru.

How Lockdown Helped Me to Rediscover my Passion for Teaching

Being a teacher is a lot more than just delivering knowledge on a certain subject. If you happen to work in education for a long time you might experience overwhelming depression or even a burn out. It is quite a natural process when year after year you have to go through the same set of topics to cover. And now the lockdown of 2020 has confined us within rigid boundaries that might have added extra pressure on many professionals including teachers.

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