International Couples Likely to Set New Record for Physical Separation and Time Apart

(With some practical tips to win the situation)

It is already October, which means that we have spent the major part of 2020 locked in our hometowns counting the days till the Covid Story is over and waiting to get back to normal or new normal lives. While most news reports have been focusing on the pandemic’s influence on the economy, mental health and other social issues, not too many words have been spoken or written regarding how this separation has affected the lives of international couples who have been unable to meet their better halves for over 7 months.

It is hardly ever easy…….

There are tons of reasons behind the decision to enter long distance relationships, definitely one of them is still the human drive to be happy.

Back in those days when we were able to catch a flight and within some hours land in the arms of someone special, make plans regarding regularly catching-up, discussing long term plans and much more… Even then long-distance relationships required a lot of dedication from both sides in terms of trust and regular time for each other.

Long-distance relationships in time of lockdown

One can hardly find a unique recipe when it comes to the affairs of the heart. So, what can be done under current circumstances when we cannot travel but wish to keep the spike of romance.

# incorporate extra chatting time in your daily routine

It does not mean giving up on important work just to chat on the phone all day long. Definitely, that’s the last thing you have on your mind. So, why not give a call to your beloved one while you are having lunch, for instance, or doing your cardio session in the gym. Well, you might not have deep, thoughtful conversations, but just that right amount of attention can make someone’s day… and another benefit… the cardio session usually flies by, believe me.

# romantic date

It may sound weird to have a date while physically being in different countries. Modern technologies are at our disposal, so why not watch the same movie or serial on Netflix and simultaneously video call. The only downside, I can think of, is not being able to share pop-corn which is always tastier from your partner’s bucket. The same patten can be adopted while having dinners, reading books, doing yoga, playing boardgames and many more.

# letters

Yes, you’ve got it right! Writing letters in the age of WhatsApp might look a bit dated, but what a romantic touch they can give. Moreover, the collection of pandemic letters will become a crucial part of your joint experience that you will be able to share with your grandchildren in 30-year time. In addition, you cannot imagine how nice it is to have a cup of coffee and read a letter from a special one:

“A tiny little car and its occupant will be waiting to meet you…. They will journey their way to Terminal 3 and wait impatiently for you to come out of the gate….. to welcome you to D….” wrote a certain Mr M.

The bottom line We are living through a difficult but unique time which we will surely recall over and over again while telling stories to our grandchildren. Meanwhile, I do believe such a rigorous test for loving hearts will strengthen their feelings and make them value every single moment they spend together in the future. If you have other tips to manage this hard time being apart, thoughts to share or you’ve been touched by pandemic Romeo and Juliet, you are more than welcome to drop a line in the comment box. Enjoy your coffee!

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