Why kids should learn a foreign language from an early age

Being a teacher, I am often asked about some tips and tricks on how to teach young learners. It is not a surprise as many professionals know that this age group is not as easy to work with as it looks. Personally, it is crucial to understand the core reason for kids to learn another language.

You can learn new words while immersing in another language

Learning a new language is never easy. It is becoming more challenging when it comes to enlarging your vocabulary. Surprisingly, the higher the level of proficiency the more difficult it becomes to memorize new words. The golden rule is to come across a new word not less than seven times, then it sticks. Here are some practical ideas that will ease your journey.

3 Easy Ways to Sneak in More Foreign Language Speaking Practice into your routine.

Speaking a foreign language, you are studying is often among the most difficult skills to develop. It becomes a lot more difficult when a person is also shy by nature and is reluctant to speak up. The fear of making mistakes is just another challenge to overcome.  To boost confidence and at the same time polish your skills several tricks can become your daily routine.

Can Listening Regularly Help You Boost Language Proficiency? What and How to Listen.

We have discussed the importance of reading in “Two Important Factors of Reading Authentic Books While Learning a Foreign Language. What and How to Read”. So, in this article, I would like to talk about another receptive skill such as listening. The drawback of this skill is that it takes time to develop. The bright side is that nowadays, there are so many digital tools that practicing will become fun spending.

Two Important Factors of Reading Foreign Books. What and How to Read.

When we take up a new language, sooner or later we are advised to read more in the chosen language. In many cases, this brilliant idea can confuse new learners, or even demotivate them. Here I am going to explain why the advice is extremely valuable. In addition, I am going to give some tips and tricks about what to read and how to do it correctly.

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