Back to work after the lockdown lasted a year

It looks like little by little we are getting back to after pandemic reality. Yes, there are still countries with quite strict rules and people have to work and study from their homes. Well, in my part of the globe the quarantine has been eased and tomorrow we have to get down to work from the office, of course with keeping distance and wearing masks, but from the office. And here I have come to the point that I am not as happy as I thought I would be when the quarantine would be over. And here I am going to list new old routine to get accustomed to.

  • Commuting

Hands down it was convenient to wake up after having an hour of extra sleep, without being in a hurry enjoy your breakfast, get organised, press the button and start the class. At the end of working schedule, you again just press the button and you are at home and still have enough time to utilise for you private life. I know that many people are suffering from not being able to socialize with colleagues. Well, thanks to modern technologies we can have zoom meetings as often as we need or want, but those meetings happen to be very focused and don’t require too much time compared to offline ones.

  • Solution

Thanks to modern technology and popularity of podcasts and audio books, it is possible not only to kill time while driving or getting stuck in a traffic jam. Time can be utilized wisely while sitting in the car or on the bus as you can listen to some courses and who knows in some time you can drastically change your career.

  • Interacting with toxic people

If you work in a non- toxic environment you should know that you are really blessed, as not so many people can say something along those lines. I agree that we have to adjust and learn to work with anyone who is around. My main thought is that in written communication we tend to be less personal, so it helps to keep your own mind toxic free and master your work-life balance.

  • Solution  

Meet those people with a smile, as they don’t know how to answer this simple gest. Talk to them in a highly professional way, so they won’t be able to pull you into any arguments that intended to. I am sure sometimes it is easier to speak rather than do, but with practicing and consciousness it is possible to gain the required level of self-control.

  • Lunches in cafes

Hands down, nothing can beat home-made food! I am a lunchbox person; it might be confusing to raise this question. The point is before the pandemic I planned my lunches for a week ahead as it helped me to save some time. Well, while working from home for such a long period of time, there was no need to plan lunches so thoroughly as it took a short time to fix one, moreover I have already forgotten that awful feeling when you suddenly start starving.

  • Solution

Just getting back to weekly thorough planning of meals and buying reusable colourful lunch boxes to carry… a different one every day.

The bottom line

People can adjust to almost any circumstances, the point is not to be afraid of them and accept them with an open mind seeing the beauty of the moment. So, enjoy your coffee!

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