Find Hidden Gem in the Heart of Delhi

I should admit that India had never been on my bucket list, but when I was offered to travel there for the first time, for an unknown reason I was quite excited to jump on this opportunity, even though I wasn’t quite ready to immerse myself into the environment as the country is drastically different from those I had traveled before.

Inexperienced teachers have been spotted suffering from ‘fall demotivation’ as the academic year gains steam. How not to fall into that trap?

This post is dedicated to Sophia, one of my best students who has started her teaching career. I wish her all the best on this path!

Here’s what you can do to become productive working from home

The 21st century seems to have become an age of challenging norms. All sorts of norms… Just look at how our idea of ‘working environment’ has changed over the last five to ten years. A lot of people prefer a freelance career to an office one. Moreover, year 2020 has proved that …

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