No Electricity or Internet… How to Survive…

Modern people take such things as electricity for granted. Once we find ourselves in a situation when it is cut off for any reason, we are a bit confused as to how to organize our lives. We automatically try to reach for our phones as this is exactly what we do if we need to find something or get somewhere…. and Oppps, no electricity means no access to the Internet.   

Been there, experienced that

In the middle of last fall the area, I live in experienced heavy rains with the temperature dropping below zero. The sub temperate zone power lines got damaged. Consequently, a major part of the city including phone and Internet providers went into a blackout. We had to find a spot just to make a call or send an SMS…

What can be done?

We spent almost 3 days under these circumstances. In terms of organizing meals there were just minor inconveniences but manageable. What was really unusual was long evenings when we could neither watch TV nor surf the net. Reading also was out of the question as it would get dark quite early and candlelight is not the best friend for anyone’s eyes… Here are several ways of killing the time:

  • Old good board games. We were lucky to have some at home. It was really fun. I can hardly remember the last time when we laughed so much. Now I understand some of my acquaintances who regularly join together to play one.
  • Long conversations. In digital reality, we tend to express our thoughts briefly presumably not wasting the time of the person we talk to.
  • Time with yourself. Some people even might feel scared from proceeding with their own thoughts. Surprisingly, there might appear unexpected insights.

 The Bottom Line

When the light was connected back, I should admit that I had a feeling of being recharged, despite all the inconveniences. Whether it was thanks to digital detox or spending quality time with family, I remember carrying a certain level of joy for several days after that. It might worth organizing similar retreats once in a while… Enjoy your coffee!

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