Some Actually Useful ‘Post Covid’ recovery thoughts

It has marked almost a year since the whole world has been fighting against the new virus.

As a result, you can hardly find a person who hasn’t heard about those symptoms that should be considered as a sign of self-isolation. Luckily, we have finally reached the point where we will soon be able to decide which vaccine to get inoculated with. Unfortunately, not much is said regarding the so-called ‘post covid’ syndrome, when a person is medically considered to be healthy but at the same time doesn’t feel 100 %.

I am going to talk you through my personal experience.

If you are reading this it might mean that you have found yourself in a similar situation or someone you know might be going through the same experience. BUT, before jumping into the story, let me clarify that I am not a doctor and I am not going to share those prescriptions that I got from mine. What I am about to put on the table is just my post covid routine that is currently working for me.

I shall consider myself a lucky person

I shall consider myself a lucky person as I had a really mild version of the virus, and felt unwell just for a few days. Needless to say, that I figured out that it is exactly that Covid only when one morning I failed to smell my favorite perfume. Having isolated me for 21 days, I took the test that revealed I had antibodies and was over the moon… because I don’t need to be paranoid about getting the virus again and can return to a normal lifestyle without too much fear… masks, and physical distance. Honestly, I was about to start packing my suitcases to set off finally on a trip. I would definitely have done it if the routes were open… But all those thoughts didn’t prepare me for how tired I would feel in a couple of days.

Tiredness can be a definition of post covid syndrome, both physical and mental.

You are literary able to be productive only a couple of hours a day. All the rest of the time the only thing you want to do is just lay down and nap. As a result, your concentration suffers a lot. Even watching a movie requires effort. Here it is worth remembering that we are all different so the rest of the list may vary from case to case.

I think that the best way to handle this condition is to try and stick to your pre- covid routine as much as possible.

Being a person of strong will I have been pushing myself to keep my fitness regime in place when I go to the gym. On difficult days I didn’t lift heavy weights as I used to do, I made my training shorter but I did what my fitness required. And having people around doing exercise helped a lot.

Another thing that is recommended to do is to take walks regularly. Living in a cold country, you find yourself in minus double digits which can definitely make you feel quite awake. Anyway, spending time outside and breathing fresh air can be beneficial not only in a post covid condition but also affect positively your life in general.

It is not rocket science

It is not rocket science if I say that it is recommended to drink water, even more than usual, as clean water helps to clear your entire system from virus leftovers. Well, in wintertime it is not easy to drink plenty of water, but adding some lemon or ginger will pleasantly change the flavor, moreover, lemon and ginger are known to be natural immune boosters that are exactly what a person needs in the situation we are talking about.   

One more thing that I have found surprising

One more thing that I have found surprising is the craving for oranges. I don’t remember being a fan of oranges and could have some once in a while. I would probably think that our bodies know better what they need and give us different signs in terms of strange desires, so the tip is to listen to your body and feel what it needs. So, if you feel like resting and have a chance to do that, go for it!

The bottom line

The bottom line is to stay healthy, and if you feel like sharing your experience on this topic you are welcome to drop a comment into the comment box. Enjoy your coffee!

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