3 Easy Ways to Sneak in More Foreign Language Speaking Practice into your routine.

Speaking a foreign language, you are studying is often among the most difficult skills to develop. It becomes a lot more difficult when a person is also shy by nature and is reluctant to speak up. The fear of making mistakes is just another challenge to overcome.  To boost confidence and at the same time polish your skills several tricks can become your daily routine.

The first thing is shadow reading.

It is a technique that helps improve pronunciation.  But it can be used for speaking practice as well. What you should do is to choose your favorite TV presenter, as they are known to be good orators. Then, try to repeat after that person with a backlog of a few seconds. While doing this exercise stay focused on intonation. Doing shadow reading regularly will make you notice that you have picked up new phrases and at the same time your own speaking would have become more natural and spontaneous.

Secondly, start practicing retelling.

You can take any kind of book or article. Anything that you consider to be a long read. It is important as you will have room for paraphrasing. At the same time, you will have to follow the line of the author.  Sometimes, when we address a question in a foreign language, we might get confused about how to build the answer in a good way. Retelling will develop certain patterns of speaking behavior. And surely with time confusion will be eliminated. To control this activity you can record yourself, listen and analyze what can be improved. Or to make this activity more fun you can find language practicing groups. There are many language exchange groups on the Net.

Thirdly, while you are walking you can describe in the foreign language everything that you see.

If you think that people around consider you to be strange, you can always have this conversation in silence by thinking in the foreign language. How will it benefit you? You will spot those groups of words that are missing in your vocabulary. Also, you will train yourself to select the words quickly and accurately. These are tasks that are usually solved mentally while speaking.

The bottom line.

These easy exercises will make a difference as soon as you convert them into a habit. Keep in mind the rule of 10 thousand hours. So, everyone can become good at something you are aiming for! Enjoy your coffee!

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