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  • Why kids should learn a foreign language from an early age
    Being a teacher, I am often asked about some tips and tricks on how to teach young learners. It is not a surprise as many professionals know that this age group is not as easy to work with as it looks. Personally, it is crucial to understand the core reason for kids to learn another language.
  • This 3-minute Reading Will Turn You into a Walking Satisfaction in the Workplace
    Work plays a significant role in people’s lives. Realistically, the workplace doesn’t always affect us positively as there might be ups and downs. At the same time, it is well-known fact that personal attitude can define the reality around. Ultimately, everyone can create a fulfilling environment at their workplace.
  • Swapping Smartphone Scrolling for Fulfilling Chats with Your Special One
    I’ve seen so many times when a couple is having a meal out both don’t converse to one another but just stare at their phones. All these times I’ve wondered whether it is the more advanced way of interacting. I’ve also wondered what the reasons might be preventing people from enjoying a real fulfilling conversation. What if we are halfway to going out with a phone but not a real person?
  • This Anti-Dullness Strategy for Fit Сhicks
    Most people in the gym have one common trait. They are disciplined hard workers. What if you cannot always train at the top of you potential, but at the same time you are eager to keep the result you have drudgingly worked for? Keeping a flame of motivation is as crucial as technique of exercising along with frequency of working out. Here is what you can do to keep the flame or to heat the sparkle.
  • Are You About to Crash and Burn at the Workplace?
    Have you ever felt like you were dragging all the projects on your own? You have just woken up but feel exhausted as if you have been working for months without a break. You make “To-do lists” regularly but hardly work it through till the end. Or you find it hard to stay concentrated even though you have a full schedule. Most likely it is emotional burnout.
  • You can learn new words while immersing in another language
    Learning a new language is never easy. It is becoming more challenging when it comes to enlarging your vocabulary. Surprisingly, the higher the level of proficiency the more difficult it becomes to memorize new words. The golden rule is to come across a new word not less than seven times, then it sticks. Here are some practical ideas that will ease your journey.

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