Are You About to Crash and Burn at the Workplace?

Have you ever felt like you were dragging all the projects on your own? You have just woken up but feel exhausted as if you have been working for months without a break. You make “To-do lists” regularly but hardly work it through till the end. Or you find it hard to stay concentrated even though you have a full schedule. Most likely it is emotional burnout.

Here may come the logical question

Here may come the logical question, why I am feeling this way shifting from vacation into a working mood? The answer is simple there might be something irritating at your workplace. We should agree that if we try to stand something unpleasant for a long time, we are losing too much energy. Ultimately, all aspects of our lives get affected.

If changing a job is out of the question, don’t blame yourself for not having enough courage to take such a drastic step. I bet a person needs a lot more guts to tackle this problem if they were in the place.

Bring yourself in an emotional state of a surgeon

Now, bring yourself in an emotional state of a surgeon standing at the operating table. Take a pen and paper and make a list of everything that annoys you at work, including the boss. Remember to be very critical, but at the same time don’t underestimate things. Otherwise, problem-solving will take a longer time.

Obviously, this list will differ from individual to individual. So, it is almost impossible to propose a size fits all solution. My main point is once the issue has been identified, you are halfway there in solving it.  So, my congratulation on that!

Some points that can be a handful in recharging your energy

Here I would like to talk through some points that can be a handful in recharging your energy. And the first point to reconsider is your commute. If every single day you take the same route that you know like the back of the palm, you are not involved in the process. You make your way to the office automatically.

So, tomorrow take a longer route or a shortcut

So, tomorrow take a longer route or a shortcut, the one that you will be new for your morning or evening commuting. And while traveling to the destination mentally point out things that will bring you joy. If you see an architecturally interesting building, take a picture of it. Notice a flower, stop and smell it. If a stranger is looking at you or smiling, smile back at this person. Who knows that person can be completing a similar mission as yours, so it will be a win-win situation! Even one of these small things will make a difference.

If you have your own desk, reorganize it

If you have your own desk, reorganize it. Add some pictures of happy moments or posters of places from your bucket list. In the digital age, it can look old-fashioned. But hands down, pictures and postcards are so charming and heartwarming. If you don’t feel confident demonstrate the hidden part of your personality to coworkers, add some stickers into your agenda or planner. Any time you need to check your to-do list, your eyes will be hooked on them, and warm positive vibes will reduce the stress level.

Colleagues are just colleagues

Other things to remember are that colleagues are just colleagues. If you haven’t made friends at the workplace that is totally fine. You have come to the office to do your job. Don’t force yourself to have tea or coffee together or go out for lunch if you don’t feel like doing it with those people. Put yourself first in most cases. It is called healthy egoism. You will be surprised but usually, people give more respect to such egoists. What is more interesting is that a healthy egoist can become the soul of a group… of course, if they want to.

The next is the boss.

The next is the boss. Here I would like to share advice that I was given myself long ago. Each person has something beautiful. For instance, eyes, a smile, a voice, or even an accessory. While interacting with a boss or even with toxic people, focus on something beautiful in them. I should say that it is challenging to discover beauty in people we don’t feel sympathy for. But once you have mastered this skill the magic will start. And a tough boss won’t be that tough anymore… especially while having a cup of coffee together. So, enjoy your favorite one!

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