Just a Bunch of Tips to Ease the Lives of Inexperienced Teachers

Being young professionals might be as good as going back into high school again.  The pressure might feel double if you are new to the education field. Remembering myself in the role of an inexperienced teacher, I have gathered together some tips that can help you survive your first career year.

Making mistakes, looking silly, or a combination of these two factors

Here is only one solution. We are all human beings and we can make mistakes. The key point is your personal attitude to it. From the very beginning, try not to behave like the smartest person in the world, so you might find it easier to react in a silly situation. Little by little and gaining years of experience teachers usually build protective muscles that allow them not to be affected by their own mistakes. It means that you will be there as well.

Struggling to seize the unseizable

Thanks to modern technologies there is a huge choice of activities and materials that can be utilized in the class. Sometimes it is difficult for an experienced educator to select the one that will satisfy the needs and interest of the class… so what to say about a young teacher. With such a scenario the next two points can be considered as a good way out.

Study the syllabus thoroughly

Before starting teaching any kind of subject or course this is the first step to take. Having an idea where your students should be at the end and understanding the whole way through will give you some room to maneuver. Moreover, knowing those milestones where it is possible to slow down or vice versa speed up will give you space for creativity as well. Needless to say, students’ level of engagement will depend not only on the subject itself but also whether the way of delivering is entertaining to some extent.

Do so-called “corridor planning”

The biggest trap that is made by young teachers themselves is to write down every single line of what they are going to say while delivering a class. Doing this, they are not able to reorganize their activities quickly enough if something goes not the way it was written in the plan. As a result, there is too much stress and pressure on a teacher. Mastering “corridor planning” will enable you to be in control of the class all the time. At the same time will give you the true feeling of self-confidence as you can reorganize the ongoing class.

The bottom line

Being a teacher is a hard craft. Having chosen this route, you have agreed to dedicate a big amount of time to develop your expertise. So, let yourself enjoy the process of growth rather than being stressed at any time when something goes wrong. Once it happens, grab a cup of coffee!

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