If You are a Teacher at the End of the Academic Year, Read This

Working for a long time in the field of education, you might know how the end of the year becomes a real challenge for a teacher. Here I am not talking about the large amount of paperwork but more about mental and physical exhaustion. As the majority of teachers tend to get involved with their students, by the end of the academic year they feel and sometimes look like deflated balloons. As a result, those close to us suffer the most from our lacking energy. So, here is what can be done to combat that state and finish the year smoothly.

# Talk to your close ones openly:

Teachers are famous for being the most patient people in the entire world. But everyone has their limits. So, to avoid uncontrollable bursting out, just tell your dearest that it is that time when you are not able to be 100% yourself, justifying why. Those who have never been teachers can’t even imagine how it might feel for us, so the open conversation will serve as a rescue vest.

# Take breathing sessions:

Here I don’t mean yoga or palates. But if you practice any of those, I presume that you are getting far more benefits. It is known that breathing exercises can drastically reduce the level of stress and tension in the body. The recommendation on how to do it correctly can be found online, so just remember to incorporate at least one session a day, that will definitely make a difference.

# Treat yourself to a massage or spa visit:

All these are about relaxing and calming down your mind. Can you imagine spending just an hour without interacting with anyone or feeling a need to solve some issues? Moreover, after a good session, you will find yourself recharged.

# Take regular walks:

If you manage to do it before bedtime it is even better. I have no idea what part of the world you are reading this from. I presume that in the evening it feels cool outside. In addition, the walk is also a good cardio exercise that will help to increase the oxygen level circulated in your body. As a result, you have a good night’s sleep and a relaxed feeling in the morning.

# Arrange your working time wisely:

As we don’t have as much energy as at the beginning of the year, it is good to take short regular breaks. This time can be utilized by implying any of the tips above.

# Drink plenty of water and eat more fruits:

You can even make a detox drink by adding some lemon juice and ginger. A well-functioning immune system will protect not only from viruses, but also balance all the processes in our bodies, that is what all of us need.

# At the weekends do what these days are meant to be for:

There are so many outdoor activities that can be arranged as it is already warm but not that hot, well at least in my area. Check what is on in the cinemas. Watching a good movie of your taste can fill you with positive emotions. It is a win-win situation, you can go to the cinema with your special one but while watching a movie you don’t need to talk… You have spent quality time together but not to get on each other’s nerves.

I wish you to manage till summer leave. Traditionally I would say “enjoy your coffee!”, but coffee is not a friend of stress. So, this time opt for lemon juice with ginger!

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