Actually 4 Useful Tips That Will Turn You Into Teaching English Online Guru

Nowadays almost everyone has gone digital one way or another. Teaching English online might be challenging initially, still practicing and adopting all sorts of digital tools will help you to turn from a sufferer into a guru.

Find a handy dashboard

You can hardly imagine a class without a board, where different materials can be exposed; moreover, it is a good tool to have some control over the students. Similarly, it will work in your digital class. Of course, it is possible to use a so-called board that is provided with the platform you use for video calls; however, it might be quite complicated to organize peer group activity. Alternatively, using such dashboards like Padlet and Mirro will be the best solution, as students can work together and be in the same conference at the same time. Also, these boards enable teachers to monitor the process in each peer group. No need to say that such activities can add a certain level of fun and creativity, as a result, the student will become engaged more. 

Assessing the progress rather than the tests

In the era of all sorts of gadgets and in the scenario of distant teaching… tests are not the best way to assess your students. To get an objective view, you might want to map out several milestones that will be the core of the evaluation. It is better to decide on the format of those steps before the course starts, furthermore the students should be talked through all the details helping them to have the full picture and understanding the studying process. In addition, giving up on traditional tests might engage students more… hence they won’t feel the pressure.

Substitution of traditional tests while teaching online

Instead of classical tests you can introduce quiz activities that can both entertain the students and at the same time be an assessing tool. Good thing, there are many online platforms where you can find many quizzes on many topics or create your own one satisfying the educational needs of your target group. Other benefits of such activities that students can work in groups competing with each other, on the contrary doing the tasks individually at their own pace.

Flip class approach

We should admit one thing that modern students can find any information they need on the Internet the point is not all of them willing to do that. Doing flip class shifts that the main role from a teacher to students. In order to perform well during the class, they have to study a new topic in advance by themselves at home with the help of a reference list prepared by you. Thus, there is more time to utilize on practicing solving all sorts of cases and tasks. Knowing the fact that new material won’t be delivered students usually feel a certain level of responsibility, as a result they tend to prepare more thoroughly. 

The bottom line

I have always considered teaching to be a creative process. So, why not take teaching online as a challenge for your creativity. Who knows the results may surprise you and at the same time motivate you for setting up your own platform… Enjoy your coffee always!

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