You can learn new words while immersing in another language

Learning a new language is never easy. It is becoming more challenging when it comes to enlarging your vocabulary. Surprisingly, the higher the level of proficiency the more difficult it becomes to memorize new words. The golden rule is to come across a new word not less than seven times, then it sticks. Here are some practical ideas that will ease your journey.

Stickers with words

If you have just started to pick up a new language you can put stickers on things that surround you… with words on them. Any time you need a mug or a toothbrush you will see the word. And it will be just a matter of a few days for you to pass the golden rule, and these words will become part of your vocabulary. You should also remember to use your new vocabulary in class or while chatting to a foreign friend.

Switch gadgets to a target language

Another handy way to immerse into a language is to switch your phone or any other gadgets to a target language. To put it into perspective, an average person checks their phones about 85 times per day. Surprisingly, we don’t notice that time at all. So, seeing your phone operating in the language you are studying will be beneficial.  At the same time, you fit in those extra hours with the language while on the go and don’t need to fit it into a tight schedule.

Look up a definition dictionary

This tip will be useful if you are already a confident user of the language, and you really want to boost your vocabulary. This type of dictionary is good as it demonstrates the usage of words in a context. The drawback is that you may not find a translation in many of them. Having gone through the examples, try to make up sentences of your own using active vocabulary. It is a good way to reinforce what you have just learned. Keep in mind the golden rule I have mentioned in the introduction.

Using apps

Modern technologies can provide us with all sorts of apps to make our lives easier. It means that there are tons of apps for learning words. For example, FluentU, Memrise, Word Power Lite, and many more. They work the same way as paper cards that we used to make. But apps are incomparably convenient. Moreover, your phone is your loyal companion. So, when you have a minute go through the words you are trying to learn.

The bottom line

Hopefully these small tips will benefit you while on the studying path. It would be great if you have a friend who can chat with you. You may practice together; it is always a lot of fun. Also, to get more tips, check 3 Easy Ways to Sneak in More Foreign Language Speaking Practice into your routine., andCan Listening Regularly Help You Boost Language Proficiency? What and How to Listen. Always enjoy your coffee!

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