Why You Should Visit Hong Kong Once the Pandemic Is Over

It has been a while since we were able to grab our international passports, pack our bags and catch a flight to a dream destination. If I had a chance to do it now, I would opt for Hong Kong. I should say that I have been there 10 times… Wow! So, I am going to give my reasons for adoring that city.

Well-developed transport system

It is possible to get around by metro (MTR) almost everywhere. It means that you can forget about traffic jams. If you want to go to the outskirts of HK or to the beach, then catch a bus. All busses are equipped with air-conditioning and electronic boards where you can check the stations. Moreover, they are double deck. So, each trip becomes a picturesque excursion around the city.

Hong Kong is spread across several islands, which are connected by bridges. But in terms of transport, there are ferries running regularly. It is one more very convenient way to get from place A to B and enjoy the view of the city at the same time.

Victoria Bay, HK

One more old-school means of transport is the tram, running on Honk Kong Island. It is not very fast, but on the contrary, has its own charming vibe. Sitting on the second deck will let you once again enjoy both the ride and different urban landscapes.

What is more is that you can get to the city from the airport within 20 minutes by aero express trains, which run frequently and on time.

All these transport systems are very well integrated, in case you need to change from one to the other. Pricewise, they are all very inexpensive… and it is quite handy that one transport card, Octopus, can be used across all transport systems and also for purchases in shops and cafes.

And yes, there are also taxis, but do you really need them when you have such a terrific system at your disposal.

Things to do in Hong Kong

Many people believe that there are not so many things to do in HK. But in fact, you can find everything that your soul desires. Museums, theatres, parks, beaches, you name it! HK suffers from a paucity of land, that is why the city has developed upwards. It means that if you see a skyscraper and presume that it is only for business inside, you might be surprised to find a park on one of the open levels. And the park will be open to the public even though it is situated in the middle of a business center.

Tourists should do some good research before landing in HK, because there is a lot one can get to see there, like Hong Kong Space Museum, Flagstaff House Museum, Kai Tak Sky Garden, Lee Tung Avenue Rooftop Garden, and many more. Just one thing to keep in mind is that a majority of interesting places are hidden. It will take you some time to spot them.

A lot of nature

Reading this you might think that HK is just an urban jungle. But there are a lot of parks or green spaces of different sizes with rich vegetation in the city. On a hot day, you don’t even need to go to the outskirts to enjoy nature and relax. What I do most of the time, (I picked it up by observing the locals), I usually grab something for lunch and go to the nearest park and just sit there till the swelter is over.

For a day or overnight getaway people usually go to one of the islands or beaches near HK. If you like hiking or camping and all these can be easily be arranged there as well.

Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan place, so you won’t struggle to find something you might crave for. People with all sorts of diets will find something to eat for different budgets as well, starting from high-end restaurants to local street cafes.

The bottom line

So, when traveling to Hong Kong I have never experienced the problems that a tourist usually faces. Hands down it is a people-friendly place, at least for those who come there for a short-term stay. So, I am crossing out days till I land in Honk Kong again and have that coconut cappuccino at one of my favorite cafés. I hope you are enjoying your coffee as well!

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