Swapping Smartphone Scrolling for Fulfilling Chats with Your Special One

I’ve seen so many times when a couple is having a meal out both don’t converse to one another but just stare at their phones. All these times I’ve wondered whether it is the more advanced way of interacting. I’ve also wondered what the reasons might be preventing people from enjoying a real fulfilling conversation. What if we are halfway to going out with a phone but not a real person?

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a day, some people even an hour, without having our phones in our hands. Some people justify this by saying they are obliged to be reachable for colleagues or clients. At the same time, others tend to demonstrate their presence on social media platforms. Does it mean that conversing with a real person has lost its value among modern people?

If it happens to be true, I wonder if it is possible to bring the art of talking to each other back. So, some ideas have popped up in my mind.

Idea 1 wothout phones

You can hardly find a person who doesn’t watch movies or serials. But the cinema is not a chat-friendly place. Getting together to watch a movie at home might be a solution as you can talk without having someone bother you. Another way to adopt this idea is to watch the same movie separately, and then go out for a meal together to discuss it. This approach can be adjusted to TV shows, documentaries, and books as well. The core aim is to have a common topic to lead a conversation for a long time.

Idea 2 without phones

You can organize a board game night. While you are focusing on building the right strategy and conversing with the game competitor or competitors as you can have a few people to play with, you won’t have time and feel the need of using your phone unless there is an emergency. The point is to be happy yourself and share the feeling of completeness with people around you at that moment.

Idea 3 without phones

Playing a sport or doing some sporting activity together. By saying that I mean outdoor activities mainly or small team activities like badminton or Ping-Pong. Someone can say that it is hard to chat while playing. It can be true, but in each game, some breaks can be utilized for exchanging feelings and thoughts. What is crucial is to find a common ground and get involved in the process.

I do believe the list of ideas can be longer once both parties have understood the value of one another and time that tends to zoom by. Nevertheless, grabbing a cup of coffee and wandering in the park together will also lead to a warm conversation. Enjoy the walk, chat, and your coffee!

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