Actually Useful Pre-Vacation Advice

The first summer month is almost history already. It is time to prepare for some kind of vacation. By preparing I mean to get ready both mentally and emotionally to chill out somewhere on a sandy beach.

Here comes another question “Why does anyone need to relax before going on vacation?”. There are quite a few reasons for that. Firstly, burnout won’t let us fully experience new feelings, enjoy places and people. So, by getting rid of tiredness we set our minds for some quality time spending. Secondly, negative emotions tend to dominate our time. Ultimately, we might not get the feeling of being away.

Having understood an importance of relaxation before a vacation, let’s think what can be done other than packing the luggage.  

The crucial thing is to listen to your body.

The crucial thing is to listen to your body. It might be exhausted and craving just for sleep. Interestingly, our modern pace of life tends to make us multitask as we wish to be self-sufficient. So, when we just watch movies at home it seems that our level of productivity drops significantly. But each person needs to unwind regularly in order to prevent burning out both physically and mentally.

Another thing that can recharge you is to take up something that you have wanted to do for a long time

Another thing that can recharge you is to take up something that you have wanted to do for a long time. For instance, all of us have a list of books to read. Unfortunately, we just cannot find time to opt for doing something more important that gives points to so-called productivity. The wise thing is to celebrate the first day of vacation by choosing a book from the bucket list. The same approach can be adapted to watching movies, going to the theatres, exhibitions, you name it…

One more point to remember is to slow down.

One more point to remember is to slow down. Many people are used to planning days and weeks, trying to accomplish away too much. It would be beneficial not to schedule anything on the first day of vacation and take it as it comes. As a result, shifting from the rat race to relaxation mode would be more conscious.

The bottom line

The bottom line is to slow down and follow your desires. Spending a couple of days in a such mode won’t stop you from being self-sufficient. On the contrary, this time will let you prepare for a quality vacation. And another small step on this path is to enjoy your coffee!

If You are a Teacher at the End of the Academic Year, Read This

Working for a long time in the field of education, you might know how the end of the year becomes a real challenge for a teacher. Here I am not talking about the large amount of paperwork but more about mental and physical exhaustion. As the majority of teachers tend to get involved with their students, by the end of the academic year they feel and sometimes look like deflated balloons. As a result, those close to us suffer the most from our lacking energy. So, here is what can be done to combat that state and finish the year smoothly.

# Talk to your close ones openly:

Teachers are famous for being the most patient people in the entire world. But everyone has their limits. So, to avoid uncontrollable bursting out, just tell your dearest that it is that time when you are not able to be 100% yourself, justifying why. Those who have never been teachers can’t even imagine how it might feel for us, so the open conversation will serve as a rescue vest.

# Take breathing sessions:

Here I don’t mean yoga or palates. But if you practice any of those, I presume that you are getting far more benefits. It is known that breathing exercises can drastically reduce the level of stress and tension in the body. The recommendation on how to do it correctly can be found online, so just remember to incorporate at least one session a day, that will definitely make a difference.

# Treat yourself to a massage or spa visit:

All these are about relaxing and calming down your mind. Can you imagine spending just an hour without interacting with anyone or feeling a need to solve some issues? Moreover, after a good session, you will find yourself recharged.

# Take regular walks:

If you manage to do it before bedtime it is even better. I have no idea what part of the world you are reading this from. I presume that in the evening it feels cool outside. In addition, the walk is also a good cardio exercise that will help to increase the oxygen level circulated in your body. As a result, you have a good night’s sleep and a relaxed feeling in the morning.

# Arrange your working time wisely:

As we don’t have as much energy as at the beginning of the year, it is good to take short regular breaks. This time can be utilized by implying any of the tips above.

# Drink plenty of water and eat more fruits:

You can even make a detox drink by adding some lemon juice and ginger. A well-functioning immune system will protect not only from viruses, but also balance all the processes in our bodies, that is what all of us need.

# At the weekends do what these days are meant to be for:

There are so many outdoor activities that can be arranged as it is already warm but not that hot, well at least in my area. Check what is on in the cinemas. Watching a good movie of your taste can fill you with positive emotions. It is a win-win situation, you can go to the cinema with your special one but while watching a movie you don’t need to talk… You have spent quality time together but not to get on each other’s nerves.

I wish you to manage till summer leave. Traditionally I would say “enjoy your coffee!”, but coffee is not a friend of stress. So, this time opt for lemon juice with ginger!

No Electricity or Internet… How to Survive…

Modern people take such things as electricity for granted. Once we find ourselves in a situation when it is cut off for any reason, we are a bit confused as to how to organize our lives. We automatically try to reach for our phones as this is exactly what we do if we need to find something or get somewhere…. and Oppps, no electricity means no access to the Internet.   

Been there, experienced that

In the middle of last fall the area, I live in experienced heavy rains with the temperature dropping below zero. The sub temperate zone power lines got damaged. Consequently, a major part of the city including phone and Internet providers went into a blackout. We had to find a spot just to make a call or send an SMS…

What can be done?

We spent almost 3 days under these circumstances. In terms of organizing meals there were just minor inconveniences but manageable. What was really unusual was long evenings when we could neither watch TV nor surf the net. Reading also was out of the question as it would get dark quite early and candlelight is not the best friend for anyone’s eyes… Here are several ways of killing the time:

  • Old good board games. We were lucky to have some at home. It was really fun. I can hardly remember the last time when we laughed so much. Now I understand some of my acquaintances who regularly join together to play one.
  • Long conversations. In digital reality, we tend to express our thoughts briefly presumably not wasting the time of the person we talk to.
  • Time with yourself. Some people even might feel scared from proceeding with their own thoughts. Surprisingly, there might appear unexpected insights.

 The Bottom Line

When the light was connected back, I should admit that I had a feeling of being recharged, despite all the inconveniences. Whether it was thanks to digital detox or spending quality time with family, I remember carrying a certain level of joy for several days after that. It might worth organizing similar retreats once in a while… Enjoy your coffee!

Just a Bunch of Tips to Ease the Lives of Inexperienced Teachers

Being young professionals might be as good as going back into high school again.  The pressure might feel double if you are new to the education field. Remembering myself in the role of an inexperienced teacher, I have gathered together some tips that can help you survive your first career year.

Making mistakes, looking silly, or a combination of these two factors

Here is only one solution. We are all human beings and we can make mistakes. The key point is your personal attitude to it. From the very beginning, try not to behave like the smartest person in the world, so you might find it easier to react in a silly situation. Little by little and gaining years of experience teachers usually build protective muscles that allow them not to be affected by their own mistakes. It means that you will be there as well.

Struggling to seize the unseizable

Thanks to modern technologies there is a huge choice of activities and materials that can be utilized in the class. Sometimes it is difficult for an experienced educator to select the one that will satisfy the needs and interest of the class… so what to say about a young teacher. With such a scenario the next two points can be considered as a good way out.

Study the syllabus thoroughly

Before starting teaching any kind of subject or course this is the first step to take. Having an idea where your students should be at the end and understanding the whole way through will give you some room to maneuver. Moreover, knowing those milestones where it is possible to slow down or vice versa speed up will give you space for creativity as well. Needless to say, students’ level of engagement will depend not only on the subject itself but also whether the way of delivering is entertaining to some extent.

Do so-called “corridor planning”

The biggest trap that is made by young teachers themselves is to write down every single line of what they are going to say while delivering a class. Doing this, they are not able to reorganize their activities quickly enough if something goes not the way it was written in the plan. As a result, there is too much stress and pressure on a teacher. Mastering “corridor planning” will enable you to be in control of the class all the time. At the same time will give you the true feeling of self-confidence as you can reorganize the ongoing class.

The bottom line

Being a teacher is a hard craft. Having chosen this route, you have agreed to dedicate a big amount of time to develop your expertise. So, let yourself enjoy the process of growth rather than being stressed at any time when something goes wrong. Once it happens, grab a cup of coffee!

How to Safely and Affectively Live Through Another Lockdown

Little by little, we are turning the pages of the fourth month of 2021 with the hope of dusting our international passports. Unfortunately, the reality is not as optimistic as we all hoped it to be. In addition to that, we seasonally suffer from a lack of vitamins that are naturally scarce in the cold winter. What used to help us live through the winter was planning for the summer vacation, including trips abroad. So, what can help us boost our mood?

Regular Walks

Days are becoming longer and the weather warmer. This natural fact leaves us without much choice… just spend more time outside. Taking regular walks helps reduce stress and tiredness, improves heart rhythm, blood circulation… reduces blood pressure, you name it. Moreover, it also burns some calories and prepares you for summertime. It has scientifically been proved that a 30-minute walk makes the part of the brain that is responsible for negative feelings less active… So shall we go for a walk?

Consuming More Fruits

Especially opt for citrus ones. The list of health benefits is awesome. They are rich in Vitamin C and boost the whole immune system, which is exactly what a person needs after winter time and especially during the time of a pandemic. Another positive effect of citrus fruits is that they improve the nervous system. It is obviously a healthy snack.

Take One Day at a Time

No need to say that it is difficult to make plans in advance. Well, we may not need it right now. Stick to one-week planning, which might help reduce tension and frustration from not meeting the deadlines. On the contrary, go through your wardrobe just to know that you have something to wear in case of a ‘happy (lockdown) ending’… you will be the first in line at the check-in desk.

Talk to the Special Someone

Appreciate every moment you spend with your partner if you are on the same territory. Unfortunately, many international couples are locked in their countries with little hope of traveling in the near future. So, you should talk to each other. When you are happy make a video call. If you don’t like something, say it directly. Don’t let negative feelings fester. Communication is the only way to keep the flame alive. Also keep in mind, that the best comes to those who can wait!

The Full Recipe

Go for a walk regularly, grab an orange, drink your favorite cup of tea or coffee, plug in your earphones and make a video call to your special someone! Enjoy your time together!    

Why We Need to Unwind after Everyday Battles at Workplace

All of us can experience ups and downs, especially while working. Subconsciously, we feel the need to have a proper rest. But do we consciously realize the real positive impact of unwinding both on us and the people around us?

Reason 1

Keeping a work-life balance will definitely protect your family. In addition, doing some sports activities or hobbies can make the ties stronger. As a result, you are becoming more fulfilled and ultimately more confident. Both these qualities are handy to win another battle at work.

Reason 2

Quality downtime is also worth having as it can boost your creativity. Another reason feeling 100% elevates problem-solving skills. Let’s be honest no one can be creative, tackle some difficult tasks while being tired, or generate brilliant ideas. Being at the top of creativity level and shooting problems can serve as armor for another successful working day.

Reason 3

Never forget about toxic people including the boss. Let me remind you about the aim of such people. They are always dreaming about seeing you at your worst, as you become an easy target for them. Looking positive and full of energy ultimately will keep them out of your private zone.

Reason 4

Unwinding regularly enables you to fully use your potential at work. I bet you have experienced that wave of inspiration after a hard but, at the same time, productive day. Surprisingly enough, you might feel like going out somewhere after work. 

The bottom line

After leaving the office, it is worth shutting down the phone and utilizing some time to put yourself first. It will definitely be a win-win situation for you and the people around you. But… Don’t forget your cup of Joe!

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