Here Is a Mission Plan That Will Turn Your Mom into a Fitness Ninja.

We are all familiar with the benefits that regular exercises provide for our health. Also, sport is known to become a crucial part of our daily routine once a person has reached a certain age, especial women. Tons of research have been conducted and piles of articles have been published regarding this topic, and surely doctors are always advising our moms to incorporate some physical activities into every day life. But, what if your mom has not gone further than purchasing a membership in the local gym, and every time when you suggest going for a work out together she makes up millions of excuses to justify skipping gym day… Well, I constantly found myself in such a situation with my mom, so that forced me to think about a certain strategy that has worked out in a ‘bringing mom to the gym’ mission. Here’s what I have done….

Stage one: choose the appropriate clothing.

Mothers’ wardrobes are a place where something-to-throw-on can be found almost for any occasions. Wearing old leggings or Ts will not be beneficial for a long-term motivation, so take you mom shopping for a sporty outfit. Give her a head in choose the right one explaining all pros and cons the fabrics that are used especially for making sport clothing. Another reason for going through this stage, is that any gym is full of mirrors. Undoubtedly fitness freaks know the purpose they serve to. But our mothers are in the group that believe that big mirrors are good for taking selfies or for checking hair, so they will be happy seeing themselves in the mirror wearing a nice flattering outfit.

Stage two: guide through first several sessions.

Remember how mothers treated us or younger siblings when we were trying to take our first steps of walking. Well, now is time to treat moms the same way. Those machines in the gyms might look very frightening for newcomers, moreover, gaining the right technique is a time-consuming process as well. So, create a training program with simple full-body exercises that can be done with light weights. Remember to demonstrate all the exercises to your mom and keep an eye on her while she is working on her own, but at the same time don’t be over attentive as she might feel the pressure… definitely not a very motivating thought to have.  If you are not confident about taking your mom through this stage on your own, every gym has professional trainers who will be able to handle this situation successfully, so both you and your mom will be happy.

Stage three: Introduce your mom to some fitness apps.

Let’s not underestimate our mothers, they also have phones and use different apps. Just show them that there are so many apps with all sorts of work-out plans and convenient trial periods to choose exactly the one she will enjoy more. Why should we do that? Firstly, with the app you mom will develop a feeling of independence, and she will soon spot the first results. Secondly, there is always a possibility to hire a personal trainer to assist her, but it is crucial to find the one who will match your mom’s personality so they can cooperate smoothly and productively. The down side is that a professional trainer might be pricy, so mothers can come to a conclusion that it is not worth the money as she is not going to take part in any competitions. In addition, app subscriptions can become a gift for being the best mother in the world.

Stage four: find a fitness partner.

Giving attention to your mom’s friends or acquaintances will help you to find another lady who should be converted into fitness confidante as well, so they will be able to attend the gym together. Who knows, the children of your mother’s friend might also appreciate the fact that their mom has become a gym goer and one day you might hear ‘we are going to the gym with the girls’ or something along those lines. Great, the mission is completed, you mom is healthy and full of positive vibes, what else do you wish for… Just a cup of aroma coffee, so enjoy one!

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