This Anti-Dullness Strategy for Fit Сhicks

Most people in the gym have one common trait. They are disciplined, hard workers. What if you cannot always train at the top of your potential, but at the same time you are eager to keep the result you have drudgingly worked for? Keeping a flame of motivation is as crucial as the technique of exercising along with the frequency of working out. Here is what you can do to keep the flame or to heat the sparkle.

All gym lovers know….

All gym lovers know that sticking to one scheme of training for a long time won’t benefit your goal, as muscles of the human body tend to adjust to physical activities. So, it is worth adding some changes to the workout plan regularly. But if you don’t feel energized after the session, it is time to try something completely new. So, if you are a lifter, opt for stretching or step work out. If you are a cardio lover, it is time to try lifting and so on. Taking up something new even for a short time may boost your energy level. As a result, you will get back on track faster.

The other way to shift from “I-don’t-want-to-do-anything” is ….

The other way to shift from “I-don’t-want-to-do-anything” is to incorporate outdoor training. Here the choice is fantastic: cycling, hiking, playing badminton or basketball, you name it. Other benefits to the variety and change could be open-air, vitamin D if it is sunny, and socializing with friends or sports mates.  While hiking you can make stops to enjoy the scenery, take pics, so next time when you feel down, you can look through those pics to get the boost.

Girls are girls!

Girls are girls. We like to wear nice clothes even in the gym. So, if you don’t feel like working out for a long time, just get a nice bright tracksuit and the magic will happen. You will feel full of energy and run to the gym with pleasure. What is more, while exercising we tend to look at the mirrors to control the technique. In the moment of depression just give yourself time to look at yourself wearing a cool tracksuit. And tell yourself that you are great!

A fitness buddy is also a solution…

A fitness buddy is also a solution to tackle the unwillingness to exercise. Having sessions together is also a chance to chat. Many people are not able to find the time to talk and banter with friends. So, you and your friends can kill two birds with one stone, which I think is great!

If you are still heading to the gym all alone…

Well, if you are still heading to the gym all alone, dedicate this time to yourself. If you are on cardio, you can watch your favorite serials as most likely you don’t have much time to do that at home. Or listen to music and go deep into a meditation mood which is relaxing and at the same time fulfilling.

The bottom line

It is totally fine to feel a bit down occasionally. The key point is to have the right attitude to this condition and the strategy for how to tackle it. Remember to enjoy your coffee always!

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